Casa Josephine and Mr. Hyde



in Madrid, the advertising agency Mr. Hyde also founded the Casa Josephine, in a place full of history and which has housed many different activities in its midst. Inspired by the surreal spirit, and artistic references, find out a powerful interior design, a colorful workplace that has everything of a house for creative people...



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For the new headquarters of their agency Mr. Hyde and the Casa Josephine, the founders - Íñigo Aragón and Pablo López - joined forces with the architect and brother of Íñigo, Rodrigo Aragón. It is then that the work of reinterpretation of this space with high potential begins, in order to create a case, a work bubble for the agency. The Aragón brothers bring to life the architecture of the place, highlighting it, and creating bright and airy spaces conducive to teamwork.

It is in the Casa Josephine that their passions and influences come to life: inspired by the hot primary colors of the 80s, the two creatives have, however, transformed this trend from the past so that it can make sense nowadays. Combined with a very sculptural style where decorative elements deal with pillars of architecture, the primary colors here chosen are reborn in a very new and graphic way, adapted to our visual age.


The two brothers have also injected to the interior design of this unique place a bit of art that has always fascinated them: Surrealism. Indeed, the different working areas are delineated by distinct color tiles on the floor, allowing in one place to create several "sights". Moreover, it is on an ordinary wall that the two companions imagined gateways to the world in order to stimulate creation, bringing false windows with a trompe l'oeil effect...

Finally, it is their attraction to the Italy Classical style which resulted in some relating elements to this era, at the heart of these walls: adorned pillars, arch-shaped decor and this bright yellow color cast - familiarly known as mustard - which takes all its magnitude in the most romantic, antique and historical way, recalling the paintings of the masters or even the facades of the Italian buildings... In addition to all of this there is a pure love of beautiful things and a composition created tastefully, where contemporary and sleek furniture is carefully mixed with strong pieces and not least, like Achille Castiglioni chairs, giving rise to an interior architecture where every creative of this world would like to spend its work days...



Photographs: Belén Imaz


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Source: AD España


Chloé Valette