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INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE: Why this obsession with the70's?

Interior Design:

Why are we obsessed with the 70's?



The 70's are always in a corner of our head in terms of interior architecture and design. These years have been successful, because it is as if they were being questioned with each new idea or project in order to make the most of what they have brought to us. But why this obsession for the 70's style?





Wallpaper * Motel, Matthew Morris Interiors, 70's

First of all, it is a key factor – and that one cannot deny – That makes the 70's and what they represent are rooted in our minds: envy. Yes, We envy this strong style, which has marked the ages and perfectly recognizable among others, probably for eternity. Wallpaper*, in collaboration with Matthew Morris, again paid homage to this era while giving back to the United States the glory of the invention of the motels, because they are to this country the very idea that one actually: big roads-motels(a little glaucous)-freedom. And indeed, the motels have always been ambassadors of the interior architecture of the 70's, with their walnut furniture, velvet materials and pop colors.





Wallpaper * Motel, Matthew Morris Interiors, 70's
Wallpaper * Motel, Matthew Morris Interiors, 70's

In addition We all remained fascinated by the use and color control of that time. Indeed today, colors embarrass us. Too present, we get bored faster and so we opt – A little loosely – For neutral tones. Once again, the ambition to know how to handle the nuances and know how to associate us lives. In the way of Scandinavian designers, we would also like to not be afraid of a blue with a pink or a yellow alongside a green... Fortunately, some have inherited the gift of communicating the style 70 in our time: This is the case of many interior designers as in particular Studiopepe, Cristina Celestinoetc.





Wallpaper * Motel, Matthew Morris Interiors, 70's
Wallpaper * Motel, Matthew Morris Interiors, 70's

And finally, it is difficult not to see that many pieces of furniture and accessories designed in the 70's that have remained cults and known to all. Real desirable objects, who does not dream of himself as a collector of Charlotte Perriand, Verner Panton, Pierre Paulin, Knoll, Achille Castiglioni and many others. Because The 70's were the culmination of the politically-incorrect, the designers, the artists, the writers and the architects were free, free to imagine, to push the limits and thus to create with genius parts that went through the years, leading them to us. Of course we should make ourselves proud, but still envious!




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Photographs: John Short

Source: Eclectic Trends



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