TREND: The pink color in retail



Who would have thought that pink, a shade that was shimmering and wrongly associated with the feminine, could become The color-muse of so different signs From each other? The world of retail, which was still yesterday working to reinforce black and white as the flagship nuances of the world of sales, especially for their neutrality, has been surpassed by rosés, corals, salmon and fuchsia. What is behind this risky bias and the pink in retail?


 The rose in retail-novelty store by Anagrama, New York


 ➡ This article, without making it its main subject, puts to the honor the wonderful work of the agency Anagrama agency for its Novelty store in New York, above and on the cover.





If we start by sticking to its definition, a neutral color is actually not frank, not lively, but mostly, not aggressive. Indeed the rose, among its many meanings, embodies first of all the delicacy, which can easily be associated with tenderness and thus to happiness. The massive arrival of the rose in retail in place of the grey, black, white and other nuances without character, can it signified A growing consideration for integrating a share of good feelings into the sales process? 

Then it is good to consider the non-negligible magnitude that this color deserves. Difficult to trace its history and its course, and to define the moment when it is slowly but surely appeared as A solution rather than an option. Some had seen the potential of this color before others, such as for example the architects of BozarthFornell for the shop Acne Studios.Paris (ont the left), or India Mahdavi and the mythical The Gallery at Sketch restaurant.London, designed in 2014 (on the right).


But if it is perhaps not neutral, pink can now be considered as a basic in retail, to believe the number of architects and brands that have dropped the shadow for light. Without forgetting its presence in the selection PANTONE Spring-Summer 2017 color chart!






Lately I have presented the Monk store, by Flack Studio in Melbourne, a shop that has been able to keep Trâce of the historic building that houses it while preparing contemporary elements of presentation. Once again, there are bright pink shades mixed with old rose. In the Middle Ages -Believe it or not- pink was the symbol of virility in men, Gradually replaced by a colour symbolizing communication, questions about identity and appearances, and gender. What is more current than the issue of gender in human beings in 2017, and therefore the pink color in retail?

Finally, even if it is true that inevitably this color may be related to the register of the carnal -In the sense of the flesh, the taboo and thus the sex-pink is above all Ambassadreur of Elegance And the finesse of what he puts on stage. Moreover, if we go back to the field of sales and retail, let us not forget that the rose is above all the seduction and the youth. And what are the arguments that make you go through the door of a shop? The attraction (= seduction), and the feeling of finding something in perfect match between your personality and your time (= Youth). Everything is said!



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Chloé Valette