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DANIEL EMMA STUDIO: The creative mind at large

The Daniel Emma Studio is a kind of forerunner in terms of creation at large, that is to say, the ability to put its creative spirit at the service of several disciplines, several brands, several events. From product design with Petite Friture to scenography for COS, that's enough to feed our jack of all trades minds assoiffés d’indépendance. Devenez créatif au sens large.




L’esprit créatif au sens large





At Daniel Emma, they claim unpretentiously to create objects "just nice". Is this the key to a multidisciplinary timetable? Je suis de ceux qui croient en la duplicité des métiers, Or rather the duty of living several days in one, never having any project that looks alike. Keep a link between each of them, and have a esprit créatif assez large pour donner naissance à des produits, des meubles, des scénographies, des installations… voilà la vraie liberté.

The Cherry . Petite Friture for example, a sort of classic as comfortable in the private as public domain comes straight out of the mind of Daniel Emma Studio. Tout comme le clein d’oeil au mouvement Memphis with the Pick 'N' Mix series, whose legs can be adjusted as desired, designed specifically for the Australian brand TAIT, or even their Mish Mash chair, homemade.


« We look to work with like minded people to create projects and products that make everyday enjoyable, ‘just nice’. »



studio daniel emma design cherry petite friture
studio daniel emma design mish mash chair
studio daniel emma design pick 'n' mix tait





On entend souvent parler de simplicité comme d’une solution, et il est souvent difficile pour un esprit créatif de trouver le bon équilibre entre "less is more" et efficacité.

The Daniel Emma Studio made simple, geometric lines that go straight to the goal one of his assets. Signed brass paperweights D.E, the minimalist Soft Chair with incredible and soft lines for the exhibition Bling Bling Dynasty (pour la galerie Hugo Michell), or even this mirror and many other pieces whose simplicity catches up with you.


studio daniel emma design brass paperweights
studio daniel emma design chaise bling bling dynasty
studio daniel emma design mirror home





Among the work of Daniel Emma Studio, the unexpected is probably best represented in the scenography Hanging Out made for COS Melbourne et Sydney. On découvre alors qu’au delà de l’objet, le studio maîtrise également l’espace et la façon dont il est perçu. 

Encore une fois avec simplicité et poésie, we are witnessing the presentation of the famous white shirt of the brand expertly maintained by magnets, and exposed on a wooden structure on the principle of spreading. The furniture edited by the studio - Soft Chair and Loop Side Table - is also a part of it, infusing something design to this commercial staging.


« We look to create the unexpected from simple objects using simple forms (…) »


studio daniel emma design chaise COS australie
studio daniel emma design chaise COS australie
studio daniel emma design chaise COS australie


You can buy Daniel Emma studio pieces online, OVER HERE !


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