PARIS DESIGN WEEK (Part 2): The Best Events



This second part devoted again to the Paris Design Week is an opportunity to present a selection of the best finds in terms of events and products. Indeed for the offsite event, off the beaten path and projectors of Maison&Objet, it was an opportunity for some to show their latest project and what they were capable of. Meeting with outstanding personalities and objects that will soon be part of our daily lives.



Say hi to _

Kristen de la Valliere - Corea Corner


This edition of Paris Design Week finally allowed me to meet Kristen, founder of Say Hi To, who for the occasion introduced the work of some thirty Korean designers, via the Korean Institute of Design Promotion. And it was thanks to a creative team of great talent that the pop-up store was born, whose scenography was realized in partnership with Ubalt Architects and Christopher Dessus.

So, as soon as you enter the pop-up store, it was therefore impossible to ignore the finesse with which are thought and made the objects on view. It's just as simple as the Korean design articulates and comes to life, the materials being chosen with the utmost care, offering to our eyes discovering for the first time - or not -  their work as  objects of pure design as we like. Among other things, we were able to discover the work of BKID (left) and MOTE (bottom) who, like all exposed designers, well deserves to be better known outside the Korean's borders. GO KOREA!


 Photos by Valentin Fougeray.





Atelier de Troupe, Pamela Shamshiri and Brendan Ravenhill - Triode Goes West


The exhibition curated by the Paris gallery Triode was the opportunity to pay tribute to a large figure of the Californian Modernist Architecture: Rudolf Schindler, his house and his famous Sling Chairs, here republished by Marmol RadzinerBringing together exclusively three admirers of the work of the famous avant-garde architect, it was in parallel of his work and his history that were also presented design pieces of Atelier de Troupe, Pamela Shamshiri and Brendan Ravenhill.

When the first protagonist, Gabriel Abraham - founder of Atelier de Troupe -  creates a series of light fixtures (bottom left) directly inspired by the decorative universe of the beginning of the century with accents of modernism, Pamela Shamshiri is bringing back to life some essential parts of Schindler's work, including a minimalist trolley (top right), as well as a luminaire created especially for Atelier de Troupe. Finally Brendan Ravenhill - completing the Los Angeles trio - presents the Church Light (top left) designed to illuminate the Bethlehem Church of Los Angeles, and which was designed by Rudolf Schindler himself... The circle comes back around for this story during the Paris Design Week but American design still has a lot to offer...






Joris Poggioli, designer, introduces his new collection


It was impossible to avoid the presentation of the new Youth Editions collection at the occasion of the Paris Design Week, skilfully staged in the heart of a Haussmanian building, and whose lines made those of exposed furniture shine. It is with simple and gentle shapes that the collection takes shape before our eyes, taking us into a world between ultra-modernity and mythology - in relation to the chosen names - but also to the ambient poetry that encompasses the work of Joris Poggioli.

Aglae, Marcello, Euphrosyne or even Estremoz give birth to a complete collection, with sophisticated details, surfing between useful objects and decorative sculptures... From a pragmatic point of view, Youth Editions is also one of those young editors ready to renew the approach in terms of publishing. Indeed, the brand is open to collaborations with other young talents willing to enrich the collection with finesse and innovation, allowing a new editing style to emerge. The work is beautiful, the initiative more than appreciated.






First lighting collection, edited by MR Agency


And finally, the Paris Design Week was an opportunity for the duo of architects Desjeux-Delaye to present their collection of luminaires, Lighting edited by MR Agency. Composed of about ten pieces of current materials and forms inherited from the decorative spirit of the 1930s, the collection materially develops human personality traits: this is how the Complexed, the Hipocryte, the Nervous, the Messy give rhythm to the space in which they are exposed. 

Playing between the terms of the fragility of the soul and the properties of materials to offset these defects, Desjeux-Delaye designed a collection in accordance with their love of the mixture of genres and times while claiming detail as the essential element of each creation.



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Sources: Say Hi to, Triode, S2H Communication 


Chloé Valette