NYCxDesign: The Flora Noir collection, by Marcin Rusak


On the occasion of the event NYCxDesign in New York this month, the designer Marcin Rusak currently presents his new collection Flora Noir, within an exhibition entitled Rusak's first US solo show...


Marcin Rusak is a Polish-born designer who lives and works in London. In 2016, we had already been impressed by the Flora Lamp, composed of resin in which had been trapped in real flowers. And on the occasion of the design month in New York, the family grows: Flora Noir, it's a collection composed of a console, a coffee table, and a sculpture. Also made of resin, leaves, and flowers.

Marcin Rusak has a background in the humanities, which gives us a little more insight into the choice of an effectively almost scientific work, as a designer herbarium, where the flora, once under the microscope and fossilized, gives rise to unusual furniture, as the witness of species and colors.


In the manner of a painter of the period chiaroscuro , Marcin Rusak plays with the effects of light on a background of shadow, creating contrasts proper to suggest relief and depth. References to History and Art, the designer also proposes a possible scenario of a near future, where the plants we have always known will become trophies?

Using materials with very high contrast - resin and organic matter - Marcin Rusak definitively defines his work between art, sculpture, and design, always with that head start on the style of tomorrow.

Unique pieces, 2017.

Materials: Flowers and leaves of infused resin, polished aluminium.

From May 12 to June 16,, Twenty First Gallery, New York

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Source: Dezeen 


Chloé Valette