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Matali Crasset and IKEA: Back to their collaborations

From 2012, the designer Matali Crasset has collaborated four times with the brand IKEA, for which she has created products and concepts highlighting industrial design. Indeed, the world famous furniture brand always had one step ahead. So she carefully choose the designers who knew how to wear its colors while leaving them free to create. Besides Matali Crasset told in 2014 Côté Maison that "IKEA is the only company that can make its trade as an industrial designer in large series and worldwide". A boon for both parties.


Matali Crasset and IKEA:

Back on their collaborations





For the launch of its new capsule collection IKEA PS 2014, the Scandinavian company has called Matali Crasset between other talented and recognized designers such as Tomas Alonso, David Wahl, Margrethe Odgaard, etc. in order to constitute a research group around this new series. Thanks to her know-how and industrial touch, the designer has succeeded in breathing a new spirit into the design we know.

Indeed with her tray with handles It brings fluidity in everyday life, and this incredible wired wardrobe brings a way to see/and be seen, the owner displaying his personality by his content, but also by the way he/she chose to personalize it... or not.


  • Tray with handles stainless steel and rubber, design Matali Crasset, D. 40 cm. 
  • Wardrobe with rod, one adjustable shelf and one fixed shelf, epoxy painted steel, available in silver and white, H. 187 cm, l. 101cm, P. 60 cm.


matali crasset wardrobe ikea ps 2014 collection

matali crasset wardrobe ikea ps 2014 collection





That year, on the occasion of the ephemeral space ofIkea in Milan, Matali Crasset designs Concentric Space and appropriates the system Method. It is the story of a multidisciplinary space almost hybrid (see also the "Advocacy for hybrid furniture") where the concept of Parts" no longer exists, where all the functions of the house gathered around the kitchen, and where everyone can find his own space while remaining in contact with others. 

This achievement is perfectly in line with the trend that will be described as "nomad", which tends to promote more modular, practical space by its inhabitants and who redefined the framework of the "Be Together"No more cumbersome and imposing furniture that remains decades, places to the furniture that becomes a structure, a shelf, a collective or individual space. Premonition or visionary spirit, we will obviously take inspiration for long from this project.


matali crasset wardrobe ikea ps 2014 collection

matali crasset concentric space milan 2015





Once again focused on the issue of ownership and mobility, Matali Crasset has imagined for the version 2017 of the Ikea PS collection, a portable lamp inspired by railway lamps. The designer, once again, advocates the fluidity, the movement, and finds once again the way to get rid of our restrictive habits. 

Despite flashy colors colors which are dear to her, is an undated object, which could very well have appeared 50 years ago or in 10 years. This dimension of continuity, to do not anchor design in an era is specific to the designer, who in addition for this lamp, has chosen the theme of the less is more: empty frame and LED source for low-energy. A fine achievement of intangible design.


matali crasset lamp ikea ps 2017 light collection
matali crasset lamp ikea ps 2017 light collection



 The IKEA PS 2017 collection will be available in February... be patient!

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Sources: Côté Maison, Dezeen


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