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KONSTANTIN GRCIC: The Darth Vader of Design

For several weeks, a number of information and trailers on the next part of the saga Star Wars are circulating on the Internet. On this occasion, the parallel was too tempting. Designer of simplicity and simple-technology, Konstantin Grcic honored us by creating functional and legendary pieces, that seem to have been created for our time and beyond. If there is a dark side somewhere, only his creations show his passion for black. Back on the career path of a Jedi who became a master.




the Darth Vader of design


konstantin grcic designer exhibition paris



The New Republic


In common with Darth Vader, he has ambition. In the beginning in 1991, at the end of his studies, Konstantin Grcic is setting up his own practice : KGID, or literally Konstantin Grcic Industrial Design. From that moment, the tone is set and he develops numbers of products and furniture for many leading companies in the design field including Authentics, BD Ediciones, ClassiCon, Flos, Flötotto, Laufen, Magis, Mattiazzi, Muji, Nespresso, Plank, Serafino Zani, Thomas-Rosenthal and Vitra

First big success in 1999, during the release of the lamp MAYDAY, published by Flos, for which he was awarded by " Compasso D'Oro" prize in 2001. He reveals himself to the public, and his ingenuity, his willingness to integrate humans into design - both in terms of proportions and creativity - then have produced the strongest effect in the right minds.



konstantin grcic designer chair one miura stool 

konstantin grcic designer mayday lamp miura stool plank

konstantin grcic designer chair one


I have no evidence that he was directly inspired by Darth Vader for the Chair One, published by Magis, but even the name is evocative. You have to admit that the similarity between the mythical mask and the repeatedly oscarwinning Chair is still striking... But these lines and especially his version with a concrete foot had been controversial. Maybe in 2004, the design community wasn't ready for such a frank and innovative style. The empties of a lightweight seat alongside the full weight of a concrete base, definitely results on a perfectly balanced piece.

And if there's a stool you've seen thousands of times, on which you sat equally and that have marked you, it is certainly the Miura stool, edited by Plank in 2005. It is everywhere all around the world and still in great demand ( private experience in support ! ).




The New Jedi Order


As Darth Vader, his design is made for expansion and conquest, although the man is discreet. For then came the golden age and without inflicting a boring list on you, it is important to know that in and around 2010, the international design sphere has propelled Konstantin Grcic to fame. In 2009, the output of the 360° desk stool is just a beginning. In 2010, we saw his work exhibited in Saint-Etienne as in Rome and he was rewarded by the " Honorary Royal Designer for Industry" prize of the Villa Massimo in Rome - as well as the title of  "Designer of the Year" at the Design Miami biennial. 

In 2011, he gets again the " Compasso D'Oro" for the MYTO Chair, published by Plank in 2008. In addition, to prove his attraction to the Black color, you should know that in 2010 took place the exhibition Black² at the Istituto Svizzero in Rome, for which the designer had these words, as if he was talking about his own Death Star :


" A black/square shape or form cannot be found in nature. This is what interested me : "creation" as a deliberate and conscious act of human intelligence. "



konstantin grcic designer mayday lamp myto chair plank

konstantin grcic designer avus armchairkonstantin grcic designer parrish chair emeco 

In 2012, the Parrish Art Museum of Long Island (New York) emergedand this is the end of three years of collaboration with Herzog & de Meuron. On the occasion of this new building, he creates the Parrish Chair, published by Emeco, a real simplicity and elegance monster. As if we had suddenly solved the mystery of the chair by taking away all these unnecessary finery.




The Legacy


As Darth Vader, his empire is powerful with international influence. In 2013, he created the Traffic for Magis, a very noticed collection that plays with the codes of comfortable : is it, really ? 

In 2014, he began his second collaboration with Vitra, when the Allstar Chair emerges from his mind. Like Darth Vader, he wanted to challenge the logic of the office chair, defying its technology for the benefit of humans and simplicity. He succeeded. Allstar is ergonomics by excellence, its armrests line reminds us of the Parrish Chair, it is light and well done.


If you don't believe in such a spirit, take a look at this video to get involved for a minute in the brain of Konstantin Grcic (plus he looks friendly) :



 konstantin grcic designer traffic collection magis


konstantin grcic designer OK lamp flos traffic chair magis 


in 2016duly celebrated at the Salone del Mobile of MilanKonstantin Grcic celebrated 25 years of collaboration with ClassiCon. It's a consecration, and not the last for sure. On this occasion, he develops a special "Black Edition" of his design pieces edited by the German brand, including the novelty of the year : the DayBed Ulisse.

For those who do not know ClassiCon, it's design excellence. It's the brand that edited parts of the renowned designer Eileen Gray, such as the E1027 side table ( 1927 ) and the Brick Screen ( 1922-1925 ).

There is also a 22 images portfolio of this collection, especially shot by the artist Shirana Shahbazi in black monochrome and available here.


konstantin grcic designer diana B table ulysse daybed classicon


As Darth Vader, his style is unmistakable and his name, unforgettable. 

*I'll finish this article by paying tribute to Ralph MacQuarrie, who died this year, and who has designed and invented the Star Wars style, including the one of Darth Vader.*


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