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DesignMiami/ Basel 2017: The selection

DesignMiami/ Basel 2017:

The Best-of



From 13 to 18 June, the event DesignMiami/ Basel 2017 has brought to light the best of designers by the best galleries around the world. A good way to get in touch with the novelty and tame it, or to rediscover with pleasure parts of the (past). Guided tour of the best of the salon DesignMiami/Basel...





ammann//gallery, Germany


DesignMiami/Basel 2017, Ammann//gallery, Studio Nucleo, Iron Age Coffee Table

This polished iron table was designed by Studio Nucleo and exclusively for the Ammann gallery. At the 2016 edition in Miami, the gallery had already presented the work of the studio with the incredible Lapilazuli Stone Fossil 03+04.



 Chamber, USA


DesignMiami/Basel 2017, Chamber NYC, Carl Emil Jacobsen, Powder table
DesignMiami/Basel 2017, Chamber NYC, Berger Watch, Cassus

It is also with pleasure that we find the gallery Chamber, which for this edition DesignMiami/ Basel 2017, brought to light the tribal and intriguing style of the Powder Table of the sculptor Carl Emil Jacobsen, as well as the bench Cassus, by Bertille Laguet, which is the culmination of a series of research on the aluminum smelter. Great event, great design.



 Demisch Danant, France


DesignMiami/Basel 2017, Demisch Danat, Jacques Dumont
DesignMiami/Basel 2017, Demisch Danae, Etienne Fermigier, F170 Table lamp
DesignMiami/Basel 2017, Demisch Danae, Etienne Fermigier, F230 Table lamp
DesignMiami/Basel 2017, Demisch Danat, English
DesignMiami/Basel 2017, Demisch Danat, Jean-Pierre Mignon, Table Lamp

On the vintage side, the Demisch Danat Gallery paid homage to several personalities: first of all, Jacques Dumont (armchairs above), French architect and decorator of the 45-60's, and whose architectural style is highly recognizable. Then, a series of designers who also marked their time as Etienne Fermigier (two left lamps), and Jean-Pierre Mignon.



Friedman Benda, USA


DesignMiami/Basel 2017, Friedman Benda, Ettore Sottsass, Cabinet No. 81
DesignMiami/Basel 2017, Friedman Benda, Ettore Sottsass

DesignMiami/ Basel 2017 is also an opportunity to highlight the big names of design that continue to influence the crowds nowadays. The choice of the gallery Friedman Benda Therefore focused on Ettore Sottsass, our master at all in order to celebrate the centenary of his birth. The pieces presented are rare products and illustrate the various essential currents that have made the designer's career.



Galerie kreo, United Kingdom


DesignMiami/Basel 2017, Galerie Kreo, François Bauchet, Azo Table
DesignMiami/Basel 2017, Galerie Kreo, Jaime hatchback, skating Daybed

The Galerie kreo Has the habit of exposing designers to the heart of trends. This year, the coup de coeur is particularly focused on the Azo Table by François Bauchet, for its massive and sculptural style, with a certain audacity in color and material (composite of sand, concrete and resin). As well as on the amazing Ice-Skating Bed by Jaime Hayon, the designer operate always between innovation and humour with precision.



 Galerie Maria Wettergren, France


DesignMiami/Basel 2017, Galerie Maria Wettergren, Large Growth Table
DesignMiami/Basel 2017, Galerie Maria Wettergren, High Grid Chair, Boris Berlin

At Maria Wettergren, the movement is in the spotlight. Between the Large Growth table by Mathias Bengtsson and High Grid Chair by Boris Berlin, it is as if the inert came to life. We take to see them move and oscillate behind our backs... Isn't the suggestion better than reality?



Philippe Gravier Gallery, France 


DesignMiami/Basel 2017, Galerie Philippe Gravel, Sou Fujimoto, Forest of books

The most interesting pieces of the collection Philippe Gravier are without any doubts these wired towers called Forest of Books, designed in 2016 by the designer SOU Fujimoto. An unexpected way to store your precious books by giving greatness and perspective to your spaces.



ALL Gallery, USA/China


DesignMiami/Basel 2017, Galerie ALL, Mad Martian

The ALL Gallery specializes in the exhibition of the most experimental parts. Besides, in China, All Was from 2013 the first gallery to exhibit only pieces of furniture and objects only available in limited edition. On the occasion of DesignMiami/ Basel 2017, the gallery asked the architect Ma Yansong To create a very special collection... MAD Martian.



 FUMI Gallery, United Kingdom


DesignMiami/ Basel 2017, Galerie Fumi, the Fonteyn chair, Brooksbank & Collins
DesignMiami/ Basel 2017, Galerie Fumi, the Fonteyn chair, Brooksbank & Collins
DesignMiami/Basel 2017, Galerie FUMI, Blankenau Side table, Lukas Wegwerth

The gallery presented one of the most beautiful stands on the show, and the Fonteyn Chair by Brooksbank & Collins is a product we won't forget any time soon. Nest of green marble and veneered Oak, this massive but simple object may soon be embarked on the most connected projects... And with the Blankenau Side Table by Lukas Wegwerth, it is highly appreciated that the stability of a table is finally questioned.



Maniera, Belgium


DesignMiami/Basel 2017, Madenia, Brick Study III, Studio Mumbai/Bijoy Jain Bench

The gallery Maniera has exhibited many objects among which was the bench Brick Study III, by Studio Mumbai. Halfway between the search for a new design and the know-how of the past, this unique furniture has been able to stand out. Maniera Has the principle to collaborate with artists and architects on limited edition pieces, in search of new trends but also of authenticity.



 Sarah Myerscough Gallery, United Kingdom


DesignMiami/Basel 2017, Sarah Myerscough, Josepgh Walsh, Enigmatum Desk IV

Finally, we will obviously remember theEnigmatum Desk by Joseph Walsh proposed by the Sarah Myerscough Gallery. For this series (also includes a chair and a wall shelf), the artist has broken down the wood into several layers, to better assemble them afterwards in order to give birth to an organic form, a unique partnership between nature and man.






 Oscar Humphries presents Theatro Mollino


DesignMiami/Basel 2017, Oscar Humphries, Theatro Mollino

This installation honors the work of the architect Carlo Mollino, a major actor of the 20th century, presenting to the visitor a work of both performance, architecture, cinema and photography. Featuring the famous armchairs designed for theRAI Auditorium, in Turin in 1952, this installation raises the question of seeing and being seen, because it takes us in turn to be spectator and then observed...



Supergufram presents Studio Job


DesignMiami/Basel 2017, Supergufram presents Studio Job

On the occasion of DesignMiami/Basel 2017, Supergufram, such as a tool put at the service of designers, offered the opportunity to Studio Job To go far in the experimentation of polyurethane foam. It is between industrial design and art that the duo designed a series of limited edition pieces including the magnificent lunar cupboard that revisits their already well-known wardrobe, Globe. The tracks are blurred, the studio tests our perception of reality and our habits in order to surprise us.



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Photographs: James Harris



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