DESIGN: The work of Yunus Emre Uzun is all delicacy



It is thanks to the opportunity given to the designers to submit their work, that it is possible to discover new talents. Surprising, innovative and bright, their projects never miss an opportunity to arouse curiosity. This summer, I was pleased to find the work of the designer Yunus Emre Uzun waiting for me in my inbox... Let's find out a neat job, ode to gravity.





It's all in finesse that the Arche Collection is reshaping home accessories. Indeed, to be considered an object, one must be a material, a container, and above all a mass. Yunus Emre Uzun first worked on the empty parts rather than the full ones, imagining an elegant way to create a series of objects from the nothingness. Heavy materials such as brass and marble were chosen to create the contrast and the unexpected, as carried in the air, they appear almost in weightlessness. In a period when the straight and architectural line is taking the influence on any object, the curves of Arche allow a new perspective on current and future trends...






So it was hard to stop there. And it is by browsing the profile Behance of Yunus Emre Uzun that I also discovered the series of extra tables Speckled, designed in 2016. After all, it was obvious that delicacy inevitably hid a minimalist mind. An elementary collection, also underlined by a noble material: the Terrazzo. You can easily imagine these small tables associated with simple or even more sophisticated furniture, the Terrazzo having the special feature of being well visible and always pampered in any interior. Again, the designer shows elegance and restraint, only revealing the essential in the lines of the Speckled series. A great work, all in delicacy.



Designers, don't be afraid, submit your projects!

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Chloé Valette