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MELBOURNE: The Penny Drop café

In the business district of Box Hill in Melbourne, residents and workers have seen recently the beneficial arrival of the Penny Drop café, a warm and clear place, just perfect to start your day. But The Penny Drop is not just a coffee shop, it's also a unique place where life is good.

Designed by Interior Design agency Huntly, composed of Kylie Dorotic and Alicia MacKimm operating in all of their projects with the gift of transforming everyday places into extraordinary experiences, The Penny Drop is the new coffee shop to get together. Open the doors of the most trendy coffee shop in Melbourne.




The Penny Drop café







The Penny Drop is the place to be. And like all openings of new places, it still arouses curiosity and interest. Will we dare to enter ? Are we going to feel comfortable ? Will we want to come back ? But do not fear, the architects of Huntly precisely focused their design on the lexical scope of a friendly place :


 » This is not: A boring coffee shop. This is: An exciting new local for Box Hill residents. «  



Because this coffee is too far from those relating to the trendy to the point of feeling excluded by and regulars coffee, a bit too familiar. The Penny Drop, it's the story of the perfect balance of a trendy place, and which know how to include accessible and friendly and conviviality. Indeed, perfect for taking coffee or to recharge your batteries between noon and night, this cosy, good-sized place welcomes its customers as a restaurant ( up to 100 covers ! ) for lunch and dinner. Large windows also make you want to enjoy the sun in the afternoon, on summer or winter, providing a comfortable place to work in a thousand points better than a Starbucks.


the penny drop café melbourne design by huntly


The use of marble, granite, waxed concrete, copper details and wood definitely adds a trendy touch very current to the café. However at Penny Drop, no typical customer, no sorting at the entrance blowning by the place. It is a café for all and where to go without any hesitation.






the penny drop café melbourne design by huntly


The Penny Drop is not a trend showcase. Marble and other signs related to a trendy kind here have earned their place in this coffee shop. Carefully selected, all these materials and details that make the identity of this site have all a specific function. Marble, to a place of restoration is engine of hygiene, wood always brings warm aspect that we love so much, earthenware is easy to clean and copper brings this elegant otherwise the space is losing depth, etc.


 "Linen sofas are nice, until you spill red wine on them. To us, beauty is not only found in the way something looks, but also in the way it works. Every aesthetic decision should be grounded by purpose, so that we can create a space for you to be in, live in, work in; not just look at. 

Kylie Dorotic and Alicia MacKimm, Huntly


As you can see, here the beauty is nothing without the input of the function. I especially like the approach of these architects who only seek to create spaces in which they could easily live or work. That's exactly what's missing on some projects, this closeness, this feeling that the space has been created for you only and for everyone at once. Remember, this is the feeling we have when we're going home or when we are about to spend several hours in a place we love. Confidence and serenity are the order of the day. That's what the Penny Drop seems to say: welcome home.


the penny drop café melbourne design by huntly







the penny drop café melbourne design by huntly


It is impossible not to notice the Art Deco influences (1910-1930) in the design of The Penny Drop. Warning, we are of course talking about the best of this movement, not the  " pack "  and decorative side which can be reproached to this style sometimes.


First of all the shapes, the sweet mix between straight lines and rounds. Note the particular pattern chosen for the wooden screen walls separating the central space, this type of decoration that was created at that time in the form of stained glass. Very geometric, the general plan is also interspersed with curved forms, as this element of separation between the dining room and the bar area. There is also this kind of rounding reminders here and there, like the mirror and the delineation floor bar.


Then colors, which are in fact non-colors since they can rather akin to choose materials, are they who make the shades. Supervised by touches of white and black, the space is indeed sometimes marbled, sometimes coppery, sometimes woody. At the time, tinted woods red, blue or green and oak were dominated. The use of concrete and gray shades are also a wink toArt Deco light fixtures, here used sparingly and subtlety. 


the penny drop café melbourne design by huntly


And finally, it should be noted that the lighting (FLOSString Lights collection, design Michael Anastassiades) chosen are showing for most a half circle, recalling that it was then more common than having all kinds of cutt-off shapes: rectangles, ovals and circles included. This project this disseminated inspiration everywhere, but subtly, without purpose to reproduce. A real tribute with its own identity.



I encourage you to visit the agency's website Huntly, which is full of beautiful projects !

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