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BROOKLYN: A very American coffee shop

BROOKLYN: A very American coffee shop

Tilda All Day / Design The MP ShiftPhotographs ©. Josh Dickinson / Brooklyn, USA.



Currently living in the USAIt seems to me that it is both important and interesting to take advantage of it to create a movement of cultural exchanges between France and the United States. In this article, I present you a brand new café that only the Americans have the secret of, in the middle of Brooklyn.




in Washington DC,appearances are very deceptive. So you may well come across someone like a Bill Gates , just wearing a short and flip-flops, at any time of the year (I'm hardly exaggerating!). Don't find anything pejorative in what I say, it's simply a way of life, somewhere much simpler than in France.


tilda all day coffee shop the mp shift brooklyn


For cafés, restaurants, shops, it's more or less the same principle: the fronts are simple,  (sometimes even uninviting!), , but always fully in line with the shelter building. 

And by daring to walk through the door...


Tilda all day the MP shift




The MP Shift has thought of everything. First of all, wood for warmth, which with its very Viennese bistro spirit inevitably makes us think of THONET. Then, the whole thing is refined with the appearance here and there of careful details for a very contemporary effect: golden lights, geometric wallpaper and pure lines characteristics of the Japanese architects way to build.

The space-planning is also typically in the American "long live freedom" spiritIn this way, the customer is given all the cards so that he feels that he is the one who decides, and that he has the choice. All the seating configurations are available to people, allowing them to:


  • take their breakfast alone at the bar counter,
  • stay the whole afternoon in groups of 5 or 10,
  • or just spend an hour together, chatting on the benches...


tilda all day coffee shop the mp shift

tilda all day coffee shop the mp shift




What are the arguments for returning to a place? In this place, the design quality prevail and take away the food with it. Nothing in common with Starbucks where the muffins are crudely laid out behind a window where you can't even see them. This time it is a work of art, tailor-made. Each piece of food is delicately arranged by hand and adjusted, like a ritual, that would fit the design of the place, clean and uncluttered. This is surely due to the talent of the photographer, but even the pastries seem to have been thought of/included with the concept! 

This café exudes freshness and softness, you feel like whispering ( although it seems difficult in the US, as this practice is not integrated in the customs! ) and to cocoon there. Thus we also find there a kind of campus and bohemian spirits as only URBAN OUTFITTERSOver a coffee, we return to the atmosphere of our studies, where a place like this would have attracted us without hesitation. 


tilda all day coffee shop the mp shift

tilda all day coffee shop the mp shift


Finally, this brightness,which is not at all common in cafés across the Atlantic (most of them play on the "coffee" atmosphere by using brown, black, beige... -> see at my post so as not to fall into an "over corporate" approach! ), makes a big difference. Indeed, the majority use of white, being the worthy representative of the new, increased perspectives. And as winter approaches, we will increasingly seek out light and such spaces to spend long hours in...

As you will have understood, an American café is distinguished not only by a clear and attractive offer (design + food), but also by a family spirit that makes it easy for everyone to take their ease and freedom. GO USA!



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Sources: Business Insider, Tilda All Day


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