RETAIL: Acne Studios, a first flagship in San Francisco



It is impossible to miss out on each release of a new store Acne Studios. And most recently in San Francisco, California, the brand has chosen its new home, offering us as usual a precious casket as sophisticated as sleek in terms of commercial design. Welcome to Acne Studios.


It is first of all from the facade that the magic operates, and that one is irresistibly attracted to a storefront that is not afraid to rub on the brick, the usual material of the United States. Indeed, if the red color is the key of this season Fall/Winter 2017 - and will last without any doubts until Spring - it is always tricky to mix several tones of the same color. And yet. Once again, the Scandinavian color experience is taking up the challenge, proving to all that the monochrome effect is back at Acne Studios, with drive.


It is by dint of daring mixtures and constant innovation in terms of materials that the brand has managed to reach the heights of creation for its shops. And yes, as in all areas, the simplest is always the best. Acne Studios, for this new flagship, has been able to take advantage of the real assets that make the brand more than recognizable: the domestiquation of metal associated with vibrant and assumed colors. And it is no coincidence that this vigorous and radiant shade grew in the mind of Jonny Johansson, whose inspiration comes directly from the famous Golden Gate Bridge...


Finally, it is by associating again with the designer Max Lamb for the central hybrid furniture that this flagship fits in the line of the new style Acne Studios, just as the shop recently opened in New York on Madison Avenue. 


"I wanted this store to have a special mood both for the location and for San Francisco itself, taking its color from the red of the Golden Gate Bridge. It is a large and beautiful space, and we have therefore kept the fixtures to a minimum."

Jonny Johansson, Creative Director


Acne Studios San Francisco
18-24 Geary Street
San Francisco, CA 94108


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Chloé Valette