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8 American designers to closely monitor in 2017

8 designers Américains à suivre de près en 2017



In terms of design, Europe has often been designated as reference, likely due to the outstanding know-how of the italiens, to the creativity of the French, to the sleek style of the Scandinavian, and the mastery of the anglais, etc. But in recent years, and fortunately, design is becoming more international. Indeed le continent asiatique regorge désormais de jeunes talents, ainsi que les Etats-Unis, d’où l’on a vu émerger plusieurs designers américains qui font les tendances d’aujourd’hui et sont de plus en plus sous les feux des projecteurs lors des salons internationaux. Discover a selection of eight design studios to closely monitor this year.




eight American designers closely monitor in 2017 alex p. white flesh no.34 Alex P. White works with the black and white, and particularly became well-known thanks to his Chaise no.34 - inspired by the Memphis movement - to his armchairs Creatures and lately with a hybrid meridian called Betwixt. He has become famous for his work as a product designer, Alex P. White has set up his studio in 2008, and worked with Kelly Behun sur des projets d’architecture intérieure et des installations artistiques. C’est en 2015 que sa carrière solo décolle, en présentant son travail à la NY Design Week pour Sight Unseen, of which he was awarded by the American Design Hot List prize. His unique and graphic style, playing with motifs to give life to his creations, has earned him numerous publications in magazines such as The New York Times, Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, as well as many internationally design shows.





eight American designers closely monitor in 2017 anna karlin Anna Karlin is as much a designer as a sculptor, judging by the famous Counter Height Chess Piece Stools which made her known, and which seem to have been carved in the mass. Her range lights Arc and Plumb are designed as mobile, whose balance is played out little, if not a fine mastery of poetry thanks to a diamond-shaped weight. Anna Karlin est une touche à tout et considère que chaque discipline qu’elle pratique - product and interior design but also set design, digital and print - helps to magnify the other, allowing her as a creator to explore all the areas and leave nothing to chance. At the heart of the New York art scene, Anna Karlin's studioAnna Karlin n’a pas fini de nous surprendre…






eight American designers closely monitor in 2017 apparatus studio horsehair during Fondé par Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson, Apparatus Studio a pour particularité de créer à partir de composants d’éclairages vintages, de verre, de cuir, de marbre et de porcelaine, des objets, luminaires et mobilier entre dimension sculpturale et matériaux façonnés à la main, entre art et design. Les designers américains ont leur studio situé à Manhattan, is a welcoming place to receive and to create. No misers of collaborations, Gabriel and Jeremy have worked with Zak + Fox to the development of a wallpaper based on a painting of Gabriel, ou encore avec la céramiste Alice Goldsmith, where the Link Porcelain Pendant range is born (metal diffuser, and cable guided by a porcelain chain).






eight American designers closely monitor in 2017 bower flesh waterline Bower est un jeune studio, fondé en 2013, et qui s’inspire de l’oiseau « constructeur » du même nom, reflétant leur approche multidisciplinaire à la conception contemporaine. Bower, c’est déjà des pièces iconiques telles la chaise Ring as well as the Waterlinearmchair, spotted early September 2016, and realized in collaboration with the Studio Proba. Bower is working on the unexpected, or even the incongruous, bringing the questioning into every object, furniture, light that comes out of their workshop, and working on materials that would not be judged in the right place, not in good shape or not illustrating the right function. And yet, it works. The proof is, that you will not be able to fight against your attraction for this chair, isn't it?






eight American designers closely monitor in 2017 christopher stuart u bench Christopher Stuart est un designer américain qui vit et travaille en Indiana. Son travail explore sans cesse la limite entre art et design, nous offrant des créations aux formes imposantes mais douces. Il choisit des matières brutes comme le métal, le bois, le marbre pour créer des pièces que l’on croirait pensées à une échelle de géant. Ses pièces ont notamment été présentées au salon DesignMiami/ show by the famous Gallery The Future Perfect, who also represents the designer in his showroom in New York and internationally at trade shows. The furniture of Christopher Stuart gives the impression of being part of a kind of new "new wave", a kind of generous and sculptural design, noble but accessible.






eight American designers closely monitor in 2017 fernando mastrangelo drift mirror Fernando Mastrangelo est une des belles révélations de 2016 et qui a depuis inondé nos esprits et la presse. On doit à ce designer/artiste la Drift Collection, made of furniture and a mirror with which he studied perception: in fact inspired by rocky environments as the Grand Canyon and Patagonie, cette collection interroge le spectateur sur la limite entre fonctionnel et non-fonctionnel ainsi que la rupture entre matériau « acceptable » pour le contact avec le corps, lisse, non-dangereux, et le rugueux voire l’hostile. Cette matière étrange, faîte de sable et de sel paraît être une signature et surtout le façonnage du naturel par l’humain, et en l’occurence d’un designer de talent. Fernando Mastrangelo a également fondé MMATERIAL, ou l’immatériel issu de la matière brute.






eight American designers closely monitor in 2017 ladies & gentlemen studio kazimir during I recently talked about the work of these American designers in an article on the Domestic Luxury, decoding the interior precious trend, and L&G Studio est pour moi le parfait représentant de cette tendance. Jouant avec les codes du minimalisme et de la sophistication, Dylan Davis and Jean Lee created since 2010 amazing lighting of simplicity that nevertheless appear to us as sumptuous pieces. Luxurious but playful because like the famous Kazimir pendant which resembles an object that we want to see live and move, the assembly of materials allows in any case to deactivate the "fragile" aspect of their creations, thus conferring a unique dimension to the entire collection of L&G.





eight American designers closely monitor in 2017 material lust Material Lust est probablement le studio de designers américains le plus rock design studio right now, and who completely claims in an independent exercise of any trend. Indeed, although innovative, their work is at the margins of many things. We do not find, for example, the obedience of the beautiful and the perfect in Lauren Larson and Christian Swafford's work, but on the contrary the quest for controversy that is almost aggressive in some cases, and sometimes even goes as far as grotesque. The duo of designers has the incredible ability not to invent new objects, but to create new pieces of function, yet well anchored in their time, their work supplant and anticipate the next moment. An audacious style that will continue for a long time PAS to be trendy.









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Cover: Fernando Mastrangelo, Drift


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