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5 Design Brands Trend to follow closely!

5 Design Brands Trend to follow closely!

Hello! In this article, I decided to make you discover or re - discover 5 European design brands – very trendy –each one with a unique style.



So here is my




1 . HEM 

HEM design studioSweden. Without any doubts my favorite brand at the moment, HEM comes from Sweden. In the same line as many famous and beloved Swedish brands ( Muuto, Hay-> Denmark ), HEM offers as much furniture to Accessories, with the same attention to quality at lower cost. Side furniture we directly associate this type of design as being simple, efficient and robust. On the side of accessories, it is impossible not to notice the finesse with which tissues were especially chosen for throws and pillowcases with including the range Razzle Dazzlefabric range, created by the Belgian designer Sylvain Willenz. Anyway, both for dreaming or shopping for real, HEM will fit all tastes (as long as you like-even when the Scandinavian style to the base!) And for those following like thekeep in mind thatthe lamp Alphabeta ( design Luca Nichetto ) is available in 7 different combination of colors !



Design MISSANASpain. I selected MISSANA, because I find this brand imprint of a new kind, clearly focused on the colors and the euphoric effect they produce. This new genus, is including blown by designers at the very recognizable style as Masquespacio Design Studio ( see Get the Look #1 ), or even the female trio not less known and explosive. Sputnik. Elsewhere the brand welcomes new designers creations in a special collection, history of many kick: "The Novelties". These furniture are perfect to light up interiors and offices... you’ll find comfortable and unique seats, with a colorful design but still simple lines. Many colors are available ( see Febrik, Kvadrat, Gabriel ranges ). In fact we find here also the range Razzle Dazzle: Well it seems we have here a must...


3 . BOSC

design Bosc french huskdesignblogFRANCE. BOSC is a French brand, making wood furniture, created in 1964, which has recently take a new turn by updating its collection. Designers Iratzoki & Lizaso and Samuel Accoceberry are part of the team who permitted to BOSC in 2016 to introduce a brand new collection, soft and contemporary lines, while putting forward their knowledge-craft fire. I like the idea that a French brand of long-standing partners with renowned designers to create a new style of design to the French. The initiative is beautiful and quality products. I especially like the couch Yas and the armchair Concha. What's your favorite ?



retegui-iratzoki-design-huskdesignblogFRANCE. Following the collection of brands coming from France, you can’t miss RETEGUI. One more time located in the Pays-Basque, this marble factory provides since 1939 furniture and accessories range high marble. I discovered this brand a little by chance, looking for a reference, and I have to admit that I fell in love. Tables, of the hooks, shelves, marble and elegant breath, Jean-Louis Iratzoki and Sylvain Willenz are partners in crime here. If you like marble furniture, you’ll probably love Bistro, Petra, Alaka and others... 



anour-lighting-design-huskdesignblogDENMARK. Finally a brand of luminaires! Also quoted in the article "Get the Look #1", ANOUR comes from the founder and the architect Arash Nourinejad, and offers fixtures in tune with the times: for the Gold and Copper addictsIt's one of the brands to know. Established in 2007 in Copenhagen ANOUR does not the chichi, the superficial and the useless. There are there products well done and to offer quality to demanding customers. Everything is hand made in the respect of tradition and craftsmanship, with for words: durability and technology. These both heavy and delicate lights are mostly popular for private residence projects, but will also find their right place in your office.







For more information, go directly to sites of brands!

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