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How much should the value of design pieces influence design choices? Is resale value important?

It shouldn't at all. Buy furniture you love, without thinking of reselling, and you will ideally keep it forever. Even art consultants will tell you the same thing: It is quite rare for most works of art (or furniture) to grow in value unless you get quite lucky. Simply put, secondary markets (such as online resale marketplaces) do not yield very much return on your investment because most consumers do not understand the value of furniture.

However, you can use this to your advantage and find great deals! Our collector friends find most of their furniture at estate sales on Craigslist, Live Auctioneers and eBay Italia, at what they say is a very below-market price.

If you purchase works from higher-end secondary markets like auctions and galleries, the works may be recognized at an institutional level, meaning the designer or work itself has been featured in a museum. This gives the furniture more solidified value, which could increase over time.


In my case, when I buy collectible furniture I am placing value on the historical importance of the designer. But more often than not, it is based on the pure aesthetics of the piece, and if my eyes love it.

Julia Hanez Montanez




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Julia is an interior designer, Architectural Digest Show (NYC) curator, and The Design Release founder. She is closely working with 150+ independent designers per year and thanks to this, she acquired a wide and open eye on design and trends. Julia is an acknowledged interior advisor and history of design connoisseur.

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