Design: Tables, 4 projects that reinvent convenience


The tables are an integral part of our daily lives. More or less discreet, their main function cannot be changed, but can easily evolve. Presentation of 4 tables that reinvent the concept of practicality as well as the use that one makes. 

1 | Terra Cotta by Justine Lotigie (USA)

With the Terra Cotta by Justine Lotigie, it's all about matter and balance. Indeed, a raw terracotta tray comes with the smooth and refined structure, ceramic metal finish. This subtle and delicate game of opposites gives rise to a series of tables that are suitable for both an indoor and outdoor space, offering in addition the possibility of a serving tray. With this project, the designer elegantly emphasizes the concept of practicality.

2 | Bijou by Sergey Makhno and Ihor Havrylenko (Ukraine)

Bijou is an hybrid and minimalist object combining both lamp and extra table functions. This table/lamp designed by Sergey Makhno and Ihor Havrylenko, is of a disconcerting simplicity. It saves place thanks to its double function, but can also be considered as an interior sculpture. Adaptable in all circumstances, its flexible steel rod at the end of which an LED source is integrated, can be tilted to 180 degrees. Its robust base in marble forces admiration, as for the object itself, it inspires something resolutely timeless.

 3 | Liga by Pierre-Alexandre Cesbron and Matthieu Muller (France)

The Liga range is born from the poetic and functional encounter of a box and a coffee table. Indeed, if it is difficult to reinvent the table, the ingenuity of young designers Pierre Alexandre Cesbron (ENSCI) in collaboration with Matthieu Muller (Design Academy Eindhoven) combined with our constant search for space saving, have created a three elements series - a box, a bedside table and a coffee table - with the ability to blend into the decor as furniture or objects. Sublimated by stimulating colors and a system of opening in tension thanks to the central ligature, this lucid project is halfway between necessary efficiency and indispensable reverie.

4 | Grate Modules and table by Vasyl Maletych (Ukraine)

The Grate by Vasyl Maletych makes it possible to go beyond the simple utility of a table. Thanks to a system of modules, the designer allows this everyday furniture to become a real trigger for creativity. The fact that it is necessary to compose it yourself makes it possible to apprehend the space in the best way that it is while transforming the stage - sometimes difficult - of the assembly in a moment of play. Its rhythm and its composition in aluminum or carbon fibers make it an object whose simulation can only be interactive, light and captivating.

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Chloé Valette