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STORE/HUSKDESIGN: Discover our online Collectible Design store

STORE/HUSKDESIGN: Discover our online Collectible Design store

It's official, our online store specifically promoting contemporary and Collectible design pieces is online! We are proud to present you our concept and to let you discover our very first selection of products open for business. Discover the shop!






The Collectible Design Concept



Collectible Design gallery, Paris.
Collectible Design gallery, Paris.
Collectible Design gallery, Paris.

It is because we chose exceptional pieces, that we had to present them in a universe that resembles them. Indeed, we created a set design presenting our first collection 2019/2020, reflecting the aesthetics and design style we promote and believe in. Asserting our conviction to give exposure to beautiful pieces, the idea was to display them as if they were in a gallery.

The visual codes that we have put forward and that frame the pieces of Collectible Design are those of extreme modernity – wall cladding in anodized aluminum panels – of the current trend – pop colors, Terrazzo flooring –, as well as those of the inheritance, represented here by a red curtain. Theatrical and grandiose, he refers to the history of design and the inexhaustible inspiration from the design masters work for today's designers.

We had the idea and to make it take shape, we joined forces with the talented creative lab Notoostudio, specialized in the production of high-end and very realistic 3D images. Thanks to their good work, our online shop is proudly represented by images that reflect our approach and strong convictions in the contemporary design.


Collectible Design gallery, Paris.
Collectible Design gallery, Paris.
Collectible Design gallery, Paris.






Designers and Products



Design armchair, Collectible Design gallery.
Transparent coffee table, Collectible Design gallery.
Pink design chair, Collectible Design gallery.
Metal table lamp, Collectible Design gallery.
Glass dining table, Collectible Design gallery.
Minimal wall mirror, Collectible Design gallery.

We only present pieces by independent designers who produce their own pieces to order. So, for our first collection, our product range for the opening is a combination of pieces by American designers and French designers. These are all design studios that we have been following for quite a long time and that we really care about.


UPDATE / June 2019: We are delighted to now host a collection of Spanish design, with much more to come!


Gradually of eclectic, graphic or minimalist pieces, each studio offers a strong response to the need and the search for singular design furniture and home decor inspired by Collectible Design, that one can't find anywhere else and which will allow any interior to stand out. 


Above, the Americans:


  • Neotenic Lounge Chair by Jumbo NYC,
  • Lexan Console by Phaedo,
  • Chair 3 by Malcolm Majer,
  • Sofia Table Lamp by Another Human,
  • Track Table by An Aesthetic Pursuit,
  • Portrait Mirror by Trey Jones Studio.


Below are the France:


  • PARA(D) Lounge Chair by Nova Obiecta,
  • Dune Wall Mirror by Bling Studio,
  • Glace Pliée Wall Mirror by Studio BrichetZiegler,
  • Piscine(s) Collection by Malak Mebkhout,
  • 8 Legged Steel Stool on Wheels by Wendy Andreu,
  • Amulette Wall Shelf by Studio Material.


Contemporary outdoor furniture, Collectible Design gallery.
Design wall mirror, Collectible Design gallery.
Design wall mirror, Collectible Design gallery.
French collectible design.
Steel stool on wheels, Collectible Design gallery.
Aluminum decorative shelf, Design wall mirror, Collectible Design gallery.
Blue lounge chair, collectible design.

Above, designer Spanish:


  • Asymmetrical Arch Pendant Light, Architect's Marble Table, Bullarengue Design Lounge Chair and Qoticher Round Dining Chair by inÁngel Mombiedro.





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