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Latin American design shines through Unno, the first digital design gallery

Latin American design shines through Unno, the first digital design gallery

Since the beginning of Huskdesignblog, we mainly put forward design that makes sense, that represents more for the mind of the creator as well as the spectator than a formal or material intention. This search for meaning is all the more important in an era where design is forced to become digital. UNNO is inspired by the Spanish word uno, which means "one", and refers to the idea that the cultures, countries and peoples of Latin America share a common heritage that unites them as a whole.

It is also the result of the partnership between Maria Dolores Uribe and Laura Abe Vettoretti who seek to connect and reconnect with their transcendental roots through a balance of contemporary design collection, to be discovered online. Discover the UNNO project, Latin American design finally brought to light.


Latin American design, UNNO Gallery, Latin American landscape

Latin American Design, UNNO Gallery, 32 General Prim, a "Porfirian" house in Mexico
Latin American Design, UNNO Gallery



Land, tradition and transmission


At the origin of the UNNO project, is the beginning. The true beginning, the one linked to the origin of the earth, before history, matter, even before humanity. UNNO is inspired by the use of myths by the ancients to explain existence and how, through a common history, the transmission was made. Underlying the primary concerns, the peoples and generations nevertheless bequeath and spread the knowledge of the earth, but also artistic knowledge and skills to transmit it to the world and to the contemporary era.

The designers whose collections are part of the project are proof of this: the golden age of the civilizations that inhabited the American continent is still a source of inspiration today. UNNO advocates the evolution of design as an art form and a means of expression, bringing together in its name the centuries-old knowledge of craftsmen and the genius potential of contemporary artists. The founders of the digital gallery consider design as an indispensable element bridging eras and beliefs.


Maria Dolores Uribe and Laura Abe Vettoretti
Jade sculpture, Mexico
UNNO, digital gallery, presents the work of Ian Felton
Latin American Design, UNNO Gallery, 32 General Prim, a "Porfirian" house in Mexico



Collectible design and Latin American design


The creative idea for this project - made possible by the creative and bubbling synergy of Maria Dolores Uribe and Laura Abe Vettoretti, the founders - is to develop a new way of presenting art and design. This is a globalized and unique concept. It has no physical exhibition space and is therefore accessible to everyone. Since 2019, thanks to the UNNO project, they highlight the work of several Latin American design studios, but not only, whose boldness and innovation they encourage in a logic of paying homage to sacred origins in order to merge different styles in a certain harmony.

Thus, Bandido Studio, César S. Nuñez and Ian Felton have joined the UNNO project, offering objects and furniture made from Latin American materials like onyx, jade, volcanic stone, bronze and nickel, marble, travertine, chalk. Materials that, as the founders of the project wished, have passed through time and have a mystical aura, reflecting each time a little bit of the past where they come from to transmit them to the present.


UNNO Digital Gallery, Tequitqui collection by Cesar Nunez
Mullunu dining table by Ian Felton

Latin American Design, UNNO Gallery




The collections


All pieces in the UNNO collection are inspired by important markers in Latin American culture, heritage and design. When, for example, the Quintessenza collection by Abe Vettoretti pays homage to architecture in its purest but most raw state, the collection of César Nuñez, Tequitqui, is based on the cultural heritage of Mexico, tells the story of how the destiny of the indigenous people was intertwined with that of the Spanish, and speaks of balance, rebirth, and the multiple faces of time. 

Tlanextli, the collaboration between UNNO and Bandido Studio, is a celebration of the symbolic prominence of the sun and the dual relationship between light and darkness, praised in several pre-Columbian inscriptions. Mullunu, by American designer Ian Felton, In this series, the sacred value of materiality is unraveled through a process of fusing hand-carved volcanic rock and surface enamels that create crystalline compositions, conveying the illusion of coral underwater. Finally, Nuscaa, a collection by Abe Vettoretti and Maria Dolores Uribe recalls the innate connection between the Earth and humanity, and the awe that this great spirit brought to the pre-Hispanic consciousness.

The designers have each highlighted know-how and materials whose use and shaping are ancestral and full of history. The UNNO project represents the current digital revolution. Pioneers in their concept and communication strategy, Abe and Maria Dolores brilliantly convey a unique concept that opens the field of possibilities in terms of creative experiences. A beautiful ode to Latin American design and to collectible design in general.


Sculpture Quitessenza by Abe Vettoretti
Onyx and obsidian lamp by Bandido Studio


Find out more about the UNNO gallery, online of course





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