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How do you fool-proof your design choices against trends?

If you are looking to redecorate or update your living space without becoming a fashion victim of the home, la meilleure chose que vous puissiez faire est de sortir de votre « zone de confort de conception » and open yourself up to seeing design that has yet to reach magazines or the high street. Visit design fairs (presque toutes les grandes villes en ont un). Via des blogs, Instagram ou Pinterest, discover and open yourself up to design that is not readily available to the masses. Become a fan of independent designers. Entraînez vos yeux à trouver la beauté dans l’étrange et le différent.

For most of us, buying furniture is a thoughtful consideration and sometimes the only way to purchase affordable design is from a big box or high street store. In this case, don't be afraid of being trendy. If you train your eye and open yourself up to different aesthetics, you can trust yourself to buy something without hesitation when you absolutely love it. When you absolutely love something, trends do not matter. Confidence surpasses trendiness.


In my case, I am not against trends at all (unless they bother me on an aesthetic level, like copper as plumbing fixtures). Trends are a way of looking back and seeing how people lived in a certain point in time. When I furnish I room, it is a mix of high and low pieces, and some things will be influenced by the current trends that are circulating around me, whether I like it or not!

However when it comes to purchasing an investment or statement piece (une seule et même dans mon cas), it is usually something I have considered for a long time, and something I have felt I could own forever. These pieces continue to stand the test of time in my life.


Julia Hanez Montanez




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Julia is an interior designer, Architectural Digest Show (NYC) curator, and The Design Release founder. She is closely working with 150+ independent designers per year and thanks to this, she acquired a wide and open eye on design and trends. Julia is an acknowledged interior advisor and history of design connoisseur.

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