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Huskdesignblog is a blog gathering all the news of the Interior Architecture and Furniture Design, but also the showcase of all its actors and international enthusiasts. Designers, publishers, architects, Husk will be the Ambassador of your project. Is your work part of a more than contemporary, highly creative and certainly avant-garde dimension? Husk will be the advocate of your ideas. Are you European, American or Kazakh? Husk will always be curious to know what you have to say. Here is the project submission form!

Husk will tell you the history of design and its creators, but will also give you the keys to understand and decipher it, analyzing every corner, every influence.

Husk challenges himself to find the best interiors, objects and furniture in order to feed the library of ideas of his readers eager for inspiration and lovers of beautiful things. Design news, Latest findings, Husk Travels the web looking for thousands of independent publishers and designers, from small nuggets unique to major projects.


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Chloé Valette author huskdesignblog

About the author.


My name is Chloe. I am an interior designer and currently live in Washington DC, USA. Since 2016, I have created Huskdesignblog in order to gather the unavoidable and unusual news in terms of Interior Architecture and Furniture Design. Passionate about design and becoming an expert in furniture, I imagined I could share my vision of design and my interest in the sculptural and avant-garde style with a community.

It's been over a year now that I've been browsing the web as well as international trade shows in order to give you the best and thus nourish your creative minds and I hope you enjoy it!


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