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Amy Brandhorst and Emilia Margulies join forces to design Adidas Germany' premises

Recently, thanks to the magic of Instagram, we've discovered two talented interior designers, two creative minds who have combined their technical, theatrical and aesthetic aspirations to create a unique workspace for Adidas Germany. In order to better understand the creative process that guided them, but also their choices and constraints related to the project, it is in the form of an interview that we decoded the great project of Amy Brandhorst and Emila Margulies, in Berlin. Discover what goes on behind the scenes...


Amy Brandhorst and Emilia Margulies


Chloe Valette for Husk -  Could you both introduce yourselves?

Amy Brandhorst and Emila Margulies - We are Amy Brandhorst and Emilia Margulies, two Berlin-based designers (and friends). Amy splits her time between Berlin and London, where she co-founded the award-winning Topology Interiors. Amy’s interior work is influenced by her research into the psychology of color and shape - she also has a love for  surreal ornaments - – reflected in her collection of vases and spherical decorations, which are often incorporated into her designs.

Emilia, from the Stockholm archipelago, is sliding between the fields of set design, art direction and interior design. She has an eye for detail and owns an archive of curious objects and interiors found in auctions and antique markets.


C.V for Husk - Do you usually collaborate? Or is this the first time?

Amy Brandhorst and Emila Margulies - This project to Adidas was the first that we collaborated on, but is hopefully one of many! When we’re working together, we feed off each other’s love of colour and fabrics - we share an equal eagerness to create a unique, sensory space.


Workspace, Amy Brandhorst and Emilia Margulies, Adidas, Germany
Workspace, Amy Brandhorst and Emilia Margulies, Adidas, Germany

Workspace, Amy Brandhorst and Emilia Margulies, Adidas, Germany


C.V for Husk - I really like your recent project for Adidas Germany, and more particularly the strong colors you have chosen. What were your inspirations?

Amy Brandhorst and Emila Margulies - It was important to us that the space had a connection toAdidas’ philosophy of boldness, creativity, and progression. We wanted it to be a space that was both powerful and playful, so we discussed how we could achieve this with our chosen color palette. Inspired by the painters of the Bauhaus, Mondrian and Josef Albers, we incorporated the striking primary colours of red, blue and yellow, which are a powerful trio. We also wanted the room to feel dreamlike, so everything from the fall of the curtains to the wiggly coffee table shape to the colored vases looks a little surreal. 


C.V for Husk - How and what guided your creative choices?

Amy Brandhorst and Emila Margulies - Following numerous meetings with the client, we had multiple requirements to take on board. We first needed to renovate the space - it was a freezing, dripping room when we found it - so we had to think about the technical elements such as heating, lighting and making the room livable. The space also needed to function as both a workspace on some days and an aesthetic backdrop for filming on others, so everything we implemented is flexible and adaptable.

For example, the modular sofa and the desk and cabinet on wheels can be easily moved. Adaptability was also a requirement so we created a design with two personalities - the first is with the curtain closed, creating a blue, sleek and serene environment. The second is with the curtain open, which reveals the colored walls with painted stripes to highlight the rounded structure of the room.


Workspace, Amy Brandhorst and Emilia Margulies, Adidas, Germany


C.V for Husk - What were the goals of the project both for Adidas and for you as interior designers?

Amy Brandhorst and Emila Margulies - The main goal for both  Adidas and us was to create an outstanding design that met the requirements of a flexible working space, but also to create a memorable design that was separate from the classic, industrial Berlin aesthetic. As designers we also wanted to draw on both of our backgrounds: theatrical/dramatics from                                  Emilia 's work and technical/design psychology from Amy's. Bringing in these elements was important because the project itself fell between two disciplines.


C.V for Husk - Is there anything else you'd like to say?

Amy Brandhorst and Emila Margulies - There were a few challenges, such as how to dress the circular shaped room - we needed 40 metres of fabric for the curtains to achieve the 'enclosed space' feel we were aiming for, and it had to be the right fabric, which fell in exactly the right place. Everything you see in the room (the curtains, the desk, the coffee table, the lighting) has its own designer and story, so it was our job to ensure that the overall design was harmonious. Finances were also a challenge: we had to accomplish a myriad of requirements on a limited budget.


amy-brandhorst-and-emilia-margulies-adidas-germany-huskdesignblog12 copy
Workspace, Amy Brandhorst and Emilia Margulies, Adidas, Germany

Workspace, Amy Brandhorst and Emilia Margulies, Adidas, Germany


C.V for Husk - Generally speaking, how do you work? Did you have some sort of routine work when working on this project?

Amy Brandhorst and Emila Margulies - The project was very hands-on: throughout the process of the renovation and then the cosmetic additions, one of us had to be on site at all times. The depth of detail in the design meant that every day different elements needed to be overseen. Most days we met at the space at 8 am, reviewed the progress from the day before, then we would travel all over the city visiting fabric shops, metal workshops, marble dealers, etc. It was intense but fun - it became our love child!


C.V for Husk - What do you think of the design community today: what excites you, what would you change?

Amy Brandhorst and Emila Margulies - It’s exciting because it’s so varied. There is so much opportunity to make your mark, but it’s also very competitive. Now more than ever, designers are looking into different types of materials and fabrics that are sustainable . We’re both into the theme of reusing, and it’s inspiring to see how designers are reusing buildings and materials in innovative ways. It’s also an exciting time to be a designer in Berlin, the landscape of the city is changing rapidly and making room for new ideas to be implemented. 


Workspace, Amy Brandhorst and Emilia Margulies, Adidas, Germany


C.V for Husk - What is your news and what can we wish you? Some upcoming projects?

Amy Brandhorst and Emila Margulies - Emilia is designing the set for a talk show and Amy is designing a doctor’s consultation practice. In Berlin, there are always opportunities popping up so our projects are so varied! We would like to collaborate on an interior project again soon though 's work and technical/design psychology from 



Thank you so much to Amy and Emilia for answering our questions!


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Photographs:  Anne-Catherine Scoffoni






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